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Skyrim Trap Race Mod

Skyrim Trap Race Mod
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This mod uses a technique that Skyrim uses to give each race its own helmet (for example, you will notice that the Khajiit have their own helmet). Live ammo that allows you to throw hand grenades without using a magazine.
The first thing that catches your eye is a very unusual sense of humor of the developer. Unlike, say, Diablo, this game does not have such a linear plot familiar to the series. Instead, Starcraft 2 games exit single unit spawn mode once the character reaches a certain level. Since each race has its own unique set of technologies and equipment, each of the characters will have unique actions. The action of each hero will depend on how he will wield his equipment and weapons. Let's say during a fight you have a 7.62 caliber machine gun and you fire it, and another character with Aimpoint hits a grenade with his RPG. The power of lethal doses of explosions determines which of the characters will achieve greater fame, that is, who will become the hero of the battle. In other words, if, with your machine gun, one of the heroes can hit five targets, as well as destroy the enemy, then this greatly simplifies the game. In this case, if you use Aim Point and Aim point, then you will hit a lot more targets.There are also races that do not have combat units, and therefore destroy their enemies with arrows, but your machine gun will hit the enemy in order to destroy.
Unfortunately, weapons that will give your character special abilities cannot be upgraded, and there are no weapons as such in the game. And this is not a problem, because in the open world you do not need weapons, and the enemy must be destroyed, without weapons. At the same time, each of the races has many different types of weapons. For example, the Kadarians have a very good combat blade with the "cleaver" skill. Humans have a great Combat Carbine with built-in scopes and Orcs have an Impaled Nazaren which will be very useful against high level enemies. All these weapons will depend only on your shooting skills.
To pump a character, you must first destroy all enemies. As for pumping, here, unfortunately, there is no division into clans. There are many options for pumping for any class. The developers have tried to make it much easier to upgrade your hero.
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